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Brutal Beats "An inspiring powerhouse of creativity, featuring 47 live drum kit performances based on classic 70's rock tracks performed by Geoff Dugmore, one of Britain's most in-demand session players."

BRUTAL BEATS by ZeroG is a triple CD set (double audio plus WAV CD-ROM) loaded with the most intense and aggressive drum grooves ever!  The beats include intros, fills, verse & chorus grooves etc. A massive variety of grooves are provided, including straight and shuffle feels, slow blues, odd-time patterns and many more. You will find a huge range of tempos from under 60bpm to over 200! All performances were recorded in the legendary stone room, Studio 2, at Townhouse Studios in London, with full 24 track digital recording mixed down to stereo, featuring the finest microphones, valve EQ and Urei compressors.

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For more information visit the ZeroG site at http://www.zero-g.co.uk/index.cfm?articleid=192

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