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Sabian Cymbals, a combination of AA Explosions, HH, AAs. I use the complete range in the studio depending on what I'm doing. For live, I tend to use the AA Explosions, crash-wise I use an AA Stage ride, an HH china, a couple of AAX splashes and some AAX Stage hats, which are great.

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A) 8" AA Splash B) 14" AAX Stage Hats C) 10" AA Splash D) 16" AAXplosion Crash E) 20" Hand Hammered Raw Bell Dry Ride F) 19" AAXplosion Crash G) 22" Hand Hammered Chinese 


I never know what I'll need for any given session, so just like me and my playing, my set-up has to be versatile... ready for anything. I mix and match different series, in big and small sizes to get the job done.


Drum-wise, I use Drum Workshop. I've got quite an array, but what I tend to end up using is a 12", a 14" and a 16", with a 22" bass. I usually use the brass 6 1/2" or the Edge snare drum- they're my two favourites. Although when I go in to the studio, I take 14 or 15 snares, and verging on 200 cymbals. I take two drum sets, a cocktail set and a Roland V-drum set. I trigger a lot of V-drum sounds from the live drumset. I use Vater drumsticks, Remo heads and Protection Racket cases.

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Atmosphere & The 5-P Plan

To me, the whole point about being in the studio is creating the atmosphere.  I've got these big Persian rugs that I put all around the drum set (I call it 'shrining' the drum set) and I've got all these big candles standing around to really get the situation feeling right.  My favourite candle emporium is on Wandsworth Bridge Road!

I always bring so much gear to a session. You never know from session to session what you might need. I always say the 5-P plan : 'Proper planning prevents poor performance.' 

I set out my candles and vibe mat and get the playing area nice and relaxed, just the way I like it. Artists and producers love it when I have everything set up like this, as they get the vibe up too. It gets a cool moment happening !

Here are some pictures of how my equipment was set up in the studio for the
BUSTED session plus some kit shots from the Japanese Yazawa tours. 

Sphere Sphere 2 Sphere 3 Japan Japan 2

Japan 3 Japan 4 Japan 5 Japan 6 Japan 7