Yazawa 2004 Tour Diary (2)

26 July 2004 World Rock Festival Shows

Hi all,

So we have just finished the two Rock Festival shows, and they were great. First we played Osaka Dome then we played Yokohama Stadium. The second show was really special... you know, when you get that feeling that a special moment is happening on stage between everyone. Yazawa was on fire... he is a truly great performer. It was great to see Chad and Zoro and watch Lenny Kravitz and the Peppers.  Both had great shows... the guys were all playing so well, giving it everything.  It really inspired me. I was trying to hook up with Steve White, as he was also here, but couldn't locate him at his hotel. Crazy really, but hey that's Rock 'n' Roll. So now I have 5 days in Tokyo to get my head into the next part of the tour, which will be an acoustic tour. It will be great moving into another style of playing. We will be joined by Richard Cardwell, a great keyboard player and great mate. 
See you all in a few days with more news.

Some pics from Yokohamma & Osaka for you all:

Chad Smith & Zoro
Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Zoro and GD.
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Yokohama Staduim
The Yokohama Stadium
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Alan Darby
Alan Darby (guitarist)
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Osaka soundcheck with Luis
Luis Conti & GD at Osaka Dome soundcheck
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Osaka s/check again
GD at Osaka Dome
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