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News & Diary

07 April 2011 Spring Sunshine

Hi to everyone! Spring has arrived and it's great to see some sunshine again in good old Blighty.  I had a great week in Paris recording the Johnny Hallyday TV special for TF 1. The band, ( GD, Robin Le Mesurier (Gtr), Clint Walsh (Gtr), Greg Zlap (Harmonica), Phillippe Uminski (Bass), Mickey Rowe (Keys), Amy Keys and Nayanna Holly (BV's)) were rockin’ to the max. Thanks to all the band and techs for making in run smoothly.


I got back and went straight into recording at Sphere Studios with the great Chris Potter at the desk. We recorded 14 songs for new signing Wilson Minds. The masterful Damon Minchella stroked the bass, and the songs were sounding AMAZING when we left late on Friday night.




(Left) It's a tough job sometimes !!! (Right) My DW drums on the set of the TF 1 TV show.



(Left) Which one ? (Right) My DW VLT set.  What a great sound!



(L-R) Damon, Greg ( CP's assistant ) GD, Paul Wilkes ( AKA Wilson Minds ),

 CP ( This man is a god ), Frank ( Studio owner and all round top geezer )



That’s how I like to hear things !!!


17 March 2011 LA, Paris & more

Hi to everyone!  Firstly, can I say I’m so glad to know that all my great friends in Japan are OK.  I have been speaking with them daily and any support we can all give them is the very least we can do.


It has been a busy few weeks again.  I was happy to be over in LA rehearsing with Johnny Hallyday for a forthcoming TV special that I will be doing in Paris next week.  The show will be broadcast on TF1, the national station and will last for 4 hours. A BIG thank you to Garrison at DW, Chris Stankee at SABIAN, Chad Brandolini at VATER and Mike Rose at ‘Centre Staging’ for bringing it all together for me. Cheers Guys, you’re the best.


Robin Le Mesurier ( Gtr - On the phone ) Phillippe Uminski ( Bass )

Clint Walsh ( Gtr ) GD, Amy Keys ( BV's )

Greg Zlap ( Harmonica ) Mickey Rowe ( top geezer and Keys ) at Centre Staging LA.


While I was there It was great to hook up with Toshinari Yanagi from Yazawa's band, and the Jimmy Kimmel show.

It was great to see him and hang out together.


I've been in recording tracks for MIKA and James Morrison at Northern Sky Studios with producer Steve Robson.  Fantastic songs.


Head over to to watch a new feature "Two minutes with" where you can watch a 2 minute interview I did with him at the "Young Drummer of the Year" finals where I had been a judge this year:


Finally a short article in this month’s Drummer magazine. Watch out for a full length interview coming soon:


01 March 2011 Latest News

The Scarlette Fever track 'Crash & Burn' that I played on was released in January and B-listed on BBC Radio 2.  It reached Number 2 in Music Week's Commercial Pop Club chart, winning praise everywhere from The Sun, Star Magazine and Record of the Day, to teen favourites Mizz, Sugar and Bliss. The debut album, 'Medication Time,' out May 23rd was mixed by Cenzo Townsend (Snow Patrol) and produced by Julian Emery (Lissie). Scarlette's new single ‘Black & White’ is out March 28. More info at


I've been in recording at British Grove Studios with producer Chris Porter, and I’m currently working in Los Angeles.


Look out for an article in this month’s Drummer magazine, and an article in DW's online magazine "The Edge"


08 February 2011 Video Updates

I have added my 50th number one to the CV (Robbie Williams’ ‘In and Out of Consciousness: The Greatest Hits) and also added a few more youtube clips to the Video pages (Johnny Hallyday, Heather Nova, Saez & Yazawa)


06 January 2011 Happy New Year

A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all.  It's been a crazy last few months.  After I got back from Bermuda (working on Heather Nova's album) I flew straight out to Japan to start rehearsals for the YAZAWA tour.  We did 30 shows covering the whole of Japan, and finished up with 5 nights at the famous BUDOKAN Arena.  I also managed to slip in a few sessions in Tokyo and sent the parts back to the UK, for new artist on Universal BRILLIANT THINGS.  Ash Howes was the producer.  We work a lot together, so he was happy for me to cut the parts and send them back.  Don't you just love the internet?


2010 was another great year, with live shows in Europe and Japan & recording albums in London, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo and Bermuda.  I had my 49th No 1 album in 2010 and was nominated for the second time for a GRAMMY.  Thanks to everyone, as always, for your kindness and support throughout the year.  Let’s make 2011 another great year for inspiring, soulful and energy packed music.



(L) Rehearsal in Tokyo (R) The Band!




Looking for the Bullet train in Tokyo



Chicken Wings in Nagoya (Yum Yum!)


29 September 2010 Autumn Update

Please take a look at the great article about John Bonham in this month’s US DRUM magazine that I contributed to.  It is written by the wonderful Mr Wayne Blanchard.  Click here to see it now.

I have been playing with with Lucy Silvas at Kore Studio in Chiswick, and I am now on my way to Tokyo for this year’s E YAZAWA tour. We have 30 Shows coming up between now and December.  I am really looking forward to the shows, being on stage with the great man, and meeting up with all my good friends in Japan.  I'll be updating the site with all the news from Japan whilst I am away.

Here are the details:


Doors open


October 28 (Thu)

Niigata Prefectural Center



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A ¥ 7,000 seats

(Q) Kyodo Hokuriku Ticket Center :025 -245 -5100

October 29 (Fri)

Cultural Zyouetsu



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A ¥ 7,000 seats

(Q) Kyodo Hokuriku Ticket Center :025 -245 -5100

January 11 (Mon)

Kanagawa Prefectural



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A seat ¥ 7,000 / ¥ 5,000 standing-room

(Q) Kyodo Yokohama :045 -671 -9911

Tuesday, March 11 (Wed.)

Over de Toyama Hall



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A ¥ 7,000 seats

(Q) Kyodo Hokuriku Ticket Center :025 -245 -5100

Friday, April 11 (Thursday)

Forest Hall Honda (EPI Hall Ishikawa old)



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A ¥ 7,000 seats

(Q) Kyodo Hokuriku Ticket Center :025 -245 -5100

June 11 (Sat)

Sendai Sanpurazahoru



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A seat ¥ 7,000 / ¥ 5,000 standing-room

(Q), Kita Azuma Kyodo :022 -217 -7788

July 11 (Sun)

Sendai Sanpurazahoru



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A seat ¥ 7,000 / ¥ 5,000 standing-room

(Q), Kita Azuma Kyodo :022 -217 -7788

November 9 (Tuesday)

21 Forest Hall (Matsudo City Cultural Center)



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A ¥ 7,000 seats

(Q) gas Lulu :03 -3582 -3030

November 10 (Wed)

Act City Hamamatsu



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A ¥ 7,000 seats

(Q) Zoom enterprise :052 -290 -0909

November 12 (Fri)

Hiroshima City Culture House (EPI Center Hiroshima old)



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A ¥ 7,000 seats

(Q) do my :092 -771 -9009

November 13 (Sat)

Kurashiki City Hall



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A ¥ 7,000 seats

(Q) do my :092 -771 -9009

November 15 (Monday)

Yamanashi Prefectural Culture Hall



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A ¥ 7,000 seats

(Q) gas Lulu :03 -3582 -3030

November 17 (Wed)

Nagaragawa Convention Center



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A ¥ 7,000 seats

(Q) Zoom enterprise :052 -290 -0909

November 18 (Thursday)

Yokkaichi City Cultural Center



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A ¥ 7,000 seats

(Q) Zoom enterprise :052 -290 -0909

November 19 (Fri)

Biwako Hall, Shiga Performing Arts Hall



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A ¥ 7,000 seats

(Q) Sogo Oosaka :06 -6344 -3326

November 23 (Tue.)

Marine Messe Fukuoka



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 10,000 / A seat ¥ 7,000 / ¥ 5,000 standing-room

(Q) Kyodo西日本 :092 -714 -0159

November 28 (Sunday)

Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center (Eru had)



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 10,000 / A ¥ 7,000 seats

(Q), Western -614 -9999 :011

November 30 (Tue)

Ibaraki Prefectural Cultural Center



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A ¥ 7,000 seats

(Q) gas Lulu :03 -3582 -3030

January 12 (Wed)

Yokosuka Art Theater



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A ¥ 7,000 seats

(Q) Kyodo Yokohama :045 -671 -9911

Friday, April 12 (Sat)

Japanese Gaishihoru



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 10,000 / A seat ¥ 7,000 / ¥ 5,000 standing-room

(Q) Zoom enterprise :052 -290 -0909

Sun May 12th (Sun)

Japanese Gaishihoru



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 10,000 / A seat ¥ 7,000 / ¥ 5,000 standing-room

(Q) Zoom enterprise :052 -290 -0909

July 12 (Tuesday)

Oh Alpha Nabuki Hall (Kagawa Prefectural Hall)



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A ¥ 7,000 seats

(Q) do my :092 -771 -9009

Wednesday, August 12 (Wed)

Naruto City Cultural Center



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 9,000 / A seat ¥ 7,000 / ¥ 5,000 standing-room

(Q) do my :092 -771 -9009

December 11 (Sat)

Osaka Castle



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 10,000 / A seat ¥ 7,000 / ¥ 5,000 standing-room

(Q) Sogo Oosaka :06 -6344 -3326

December 12 (Sunday)

Osaka Castle



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 10,000 / A seat ¥ 7,000 / ¥ 5,000 standing-room

(Q) Sogo Oosaka :06 -6344 -3326

December 15 (Wed)

Nippon Budokan



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 10,000 / A seat ¥ 7,000 / ¥ 5,000 standing-room

(Q) gas Lulu :03 -3582 -3030

December 16 (Thursday)

Nippon Budokan



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 10,000 / A seat ¥ 7,000 / ¥ 5,000 standing-room

(Q) gas Lulu :03 -3582 -3030

December 18 (Sat)

Nippon Budokan



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 10,000 / A seat ¥ 7,000 / ¥ 5,000 standing-room

(Q) gas Lulu :03 -3582 -3030

December 19 (Sunday)

Nippon Budokan



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 10,000 / A seat ¥ 7,000 / ¥ 5,000 standing-room

(Q) gas Lulu :03 -3582 -3030

December 20 (Monday)

Nippon Budokan



Tickets - (approx.) - S seat ¥ 10,000 / A seat ¥ 7,000 / ¥ 5,000 standing-room

(Q) gas Lulu :03 -3582 -3030


18 August 2010 Latest News

Hi everyone!


It has been a busy time still, and I write this from sunny Bermuda where I am currently working on the forthcoming Heather Nova record.  It's sounding AMAZING.  I am even cutting bass on a few tracks, so look out my bass-playing buddies!!  Heather is so talented and has the most fantastic voice. Felix Tod is in the production chair.


I recorded an album for Universal with producer Philip Tennent at Kore Studios.  Damon Minchella was on bass and Luke Potashnic on guitar.  We had a blast doing the record, and you will get it just before Christmas... more details to follow soon.


The Ultimate Drum Experience week was awesome.  Hangin’ and doing a masterclass with Stanton Moore was just too much fun for anyone to have!   Jason Bold was also on in the week tutoring, and we all had such a great time with the students.  Lots of guys passed by to say Hi:  Jeremy Stacy, Steve White, Damon Wilson (the mad Ozzi) Mark Mondisair and James Hestor.  Great to get the chance to catch with all the guys.  Jody Linscott popped by too, and it was great to see her.  Check out a video at


I finished my dates with SAEZ in style, at a festival in Nyon.  Check out  for some great footage of our last show. The festivals with Heather were also great fun.  It was a blast doing two shows at the same festival... one after the other.  Two drum sets set up and two techs fighting over my stick bag!


Finally, I am proud to announce that I am now endorsing SUPERIOR DRUMMER computer software:


Some more exciting news coming shortly, so stay tuned.




(Left) Stanton “buzz roll please...” Moore & GD

(Right) Stanton Moore, GD and Jason Bold at the UDE week



GD, Mike Dolbear & The legend Clem Catini @ The UDE week jam night




My students at the UDE week.... Great Guys!




(Left) In the studio at Heather’s house in Bermuda.  Working with Superior Drummer and the Roland Pads.  Awesome!

(Right) My best buddy... Heather’s son’s dog called Christmas!



22 June 2010 Another Article

A piece about session drumming from Rhythm magazine is also new to the ‘Reviews and Interviews’ pages.  Click here to go there now

21 June 2010 New Interview

A new interview (in French) with Batterie magazine is now available in the ‘Reviews and Interviews’ pages.

10 June 2010 Summer Update

Hi Everyone!  A mad 3 months has just passed by, and my feet have hardly touched the ground.  In fact, they've been glued to a bass drum and Hi Hat pedal!!


I went to Paris for a month to rehearse for the French SAEZ tour.  James Eller (the the) was on bass, and a mighty player he is too with that Ampeg 8 x10 and a stack of SUB behind him. Tom "CURLY" Coeuriot on guitar, who is one of the most amazing players I have ever had the chance to work with.  Cedric "CEDERS" Leroux on 2nd guitar, and Franck Phane on guitar soundscapes. It was a fantastic band of really great guys, and of course SAEZ ripped it up, playing to 5000 fans each night.


We went straight from rehearsing to our first show in Lausanne and then played 22 shows through April and May. We still have some festivals to come, so hope to see you there. On my days off, I came back to London to do a couple of albums. One with a new artist on De-Angeles Records which we recorded at Kore Studios with Rick Barraclough in the production chair. I then came back again to record an album for a Canadian singer called TOMI SWICK with Chris Potter in the production chair. We recorded 18 tracks at Kore Studios with Damon Minchella (from Ocean Colour Scene and Paul Weller) on bass.  A fantastic time we had too. Tomi is a big singer, and great guitar player. We cut all the tracks live, which was a real buzz.


I’m now out on the road doing festivals with SAEZ and preparing for the upcoming Heather Nova festivals (& and album to record for Universal).  And of course the UDE week at the end of July. I’m doing 2 shows at the Festival De Liege so should be a crazy night!














(Left) DE LADS !!! Damon Minchella (Bass) TOMI, Chris Potter (Production) and GD

(Right) Soundcheck in LYON - Saez and Christophe Genix (monitors)


My FABULOUS new DW set in Stainless Steel finish. VLX with 3 ply Inners. WHAT A SOUND !! Big thanks to Garrison at DW for this set.



My DW VLT set in Blue Broken Glass at Kore for TOMI SWICK'S album


Simon Jayes from LDC setting up my set at ABBEY ROAD


01 April 2010 Number One, On Tour & UDE 2010

I am happy to say that the Miguel Bose album I recently recorded, is currently No 1 in Spain, Mexico and Chile. This my 49th No 1 album!

I have been recording at British Grove Studios.  Sorry, but at this point I cannot say who the artist is, but other musicians involved are Pete Gordino (Depeche Mode), Jerry Meehan and Neil Taylor (Robbie Williams) and Phil Palmer (George Michael).

I'm heading out on the road in France with Damien SAEZ, so hope to see you there. I'll be posting updates on the tour as we go along !!!  Dates as follows:

22/04/10 - Lausanne - Les Docks (complet)

23/04/10 - Amnéville - Galaxie

24/04/10 - Strasbourg - Zénith

26/04/10 - Bruxelles - Forest National

28/04/10 - Dijon - Zénith

29/04/10 - Lyon - Halle Tony Garnier

30/04/10 - Annecy - Arcadlum

02/05/10 - Lausanne - Les Docks

05/05/10 - Paris - Zénith (complet)

06/05/10 - Paris - Zénith

08/05/10 - Lille - Zénith

11/05/10 - Grenoble - Summum

12/05/10 - Clermont Ferrand - Zénith

14/05/10 - Montpellier - Zénith

15/05/10 - Istres - L'Usine

16/05/10 - Nice - Théâtre de Verdure

21/05/10 - Toulouse - Le Phare

22/05/10 - Bordeaux - La Médoquine

25/05/10 - Le Mans - L'Oasis

26/05/10 - Nantes - Zénith

27/05/10 - Rennes - Le Liberté

29/05/10 - Saint Laurent de Cuves - Festival Papillons de Nuit

05/06/10 - Neuchâtel - Festi'Neuch

03/07/10 - Herouville St Clair - Festival de Beauregard 

And finally, for now, I'll be resident teacher at this years ULTIMATE DRUM EXPERIENCE 2010 organised by This prestigious event is now into its second year and will last for 5 days from Monday 26th till Friday 30th July 2010.  There will be interactive workshops, seminars, advice clinics, Q & As, and wonderful opportunities to observe professionals in action with the opportunity of ‘sitting-in’ yourself. 

Places are strictly limited on this course to maintain an intimate and exclusive atmosphere and the week is only suitable for the serious teacher/player over the age of 16.  It is recommend that you book early for this incredible experience to guarantee a space as we expect places to fill quickly due to limited numbers.

For booking information and more details visit or email:

<hr size=2 width="100%" align=center>


13 February 2010 Endorsement, Nova & Tutoring

I am proud to announce that I am now endorsing:


I will be touring again with Heather Nova in the summer, and I will be resident tutor at the ULTIMATE drum experience in July, organized by

I am taking personal one-to-one tutoring sessions to a small number of players and teachers during 2010.  Please contact me directly for availability.


28 January 2010 New Year News

The first single from the Emily Maguire album I recorded is currently on the playlist at Radio 2.

The act ZUZU I have been writing with, has just signed to Big Life.

The second single from the Demi Lovato album I recorded is being released shortly in the UK after being No 1 in the US.

Tokyo dome

Soundcheck at the Tokyo Dome with YazawaCheck out this short video clip too.

Some photos from the recent Miguel Bose sessions in Madrid:

Bose in Madrid

Geoff, Jose Luis de la Pena (album co-ordination) Miguel Bose, Nico Sorin (Producer)

Pepe and co...

Pepe (engineer) Geoff, Nico, Miguel


5 January 2010 Best Wishes for 2010

It has been another great year of making music and meeting new friends.  Shows in Bermuda, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Norway and Japan

Recording in London, Madrid, LA and Japan

3 x No 1 albums in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia and the USA

Finishing with a No 1 DVD on the Japanese music video charts, recorded at The Tokyo Dome with E Yazawa. See you all in 2010!

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!


28 October 2009 Autumn Update

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay in updating my news. It's been a pretty crazy few months to say the least. After a great tour with Heather Nova around Europe with Berit (Guitar) and Arnulf (Bass), I made a mad dash from Dusseldorf to Madrid and recorded 8 tracks across 2 days for Miguel Bose at PKO Studios. Nico Sorin was in the production chair and we had an absolute blast. The songs were great and we had a lot of laughter, good conversation and great food (care of Pako at the studio.)

Heather Nova Tour bus 

Berit and Geoff making a beachside resort in front of the bus at the festival in Austria.  

Geoff at the ParadisoParadiso, Amsterdam

On stage at the Paradiso, Amsterdam with Heather Nova.

The following day I travelled to Tokyo to start rehearsing with Yazawa, who I have worked with for a long time now. BOSS, as he is known in Japan is a true rock 'n roll man, and one of the best on stage I know. It was great to be back amongst friends that I've known for so long. Toshi Yanagi on guitar is a fantastic player, and more importantly a TOP GEEZER. Tsuchie, my drum tech here since 2000 is the best! (Now lets get this straight guys... he's my tech and no you can't borrow him ,OK!!!) Always a big smile and always has everything set just right... even has a cup o' tea ready for me when I arrive

Drum Tech TsuchieTokyo Dome

(Left) Tsuchie my drum tech  (Right) Tokyo Dome with Facundo Monty (BVs)

We rehearsed for 2 weeks at Oden Studios in Tokyo and then played Tokyo Dome to 50,000 fans. What a great night!  A very special evening indeed. The band was rockin' big time and Snake, our sax player played some ripping solos.  We then did a show at Yokohama Stadium to another crazy audience of noisy fans.  Great to be outdoors and feel the sea breeze as we played. Another amazing show.   

Hairdresser to the starsTiko Drumming

Geoff and Aki Watanabe (mate & hairdresser to the stars in Japan)  He took me Tiko drumming.

Next day I flew back to London, cut the grass and then went to start rehearsing with Ray Davies. We did 8 shows across 13 days. I was surprised how little jet lag I felt when I got back, but as we had a 24 hour bus ride from London to Malmo, Sweden I had plenty of time to sleep. Bill Shanley on guitar is a wonderful musician and great guy.  We spent a lot of time talking about music, families, and the world in general. Ray was on great form, and of course it was great to get to play all his classic songs. I loved how he just took it where he felt it every night. Even did a short solo in middle of 20th Century Man one nightWe finished in Bergen, Norway. Got back to the hotel at around midnight and I was up again at 4.30am to get to the airport as I was heading back to Madrid to cut two more songs for Miguel Bose. I arrived about 2pm, after connecting in Copenhagen. I was pretty tired when I got there, but soon felt better when we started to work. I cut one song that afternoon and then more the next afternoon. 

Ray Davies and crewThe kit

(Left) With Ray and the crew in Norway (Right) My Boys!!!

Dressing RoomPremiere

(Left) Dressing on the last night in Bergen. Bill, Geoff, Dick and Guuner.

(Right)  Toshi and Geoff at the premiere of the new Yazawa movie Rock.

Back to the airport, and back to London. I had 10 hours at home so just enough time to do laundry, see my family and say bye again.  I had a flight to catch back to Japan, where I am now getting ready for touring with Yazawa. We just finished our basic rehearsals in Tokyo and now go to Niigata for production rehearsals and our first show on Friday night. Can't wait now. 


Learning to make Sushi !

In amongst this lot, I got a surprise call to say that a record I had worked on for a US singer called Demi Lovato had gone to No 1 over in the US, so that was a great piece of news.


6 July 2009 Summer Update

Recently I have been writing for new act ZUZU and recording tracks with her at Kore.  At Metropolis, recording for Karen-Louise with Julian Emery.  Recording at The Church Studios in Crouch End for a new act on Decca with Simon Changer at the desk.  


At Sarm and Stanley House with new act Call me Laura with the great Ash HowesAlso at Metropolis, recording the forthcoming adverts for Home Depot in the States:

Home Depot

Jennifer Wolk (ad company) Matt Lawrence (Fab Engineer) GDAlex Kemp ( producer ) & Debbi 

kOn the mike...

I was at Air Studios road testing their new Ribbon mike with Jerry Mehan on bass and Neil Taylor on guitar, with a visit from Courtney Pine thrown in!

I have been working with the legendary Ray Davies, and have some shows coming up with him soon.  Finally, I'm back out on tour with Heather Nova in Europe this summer.  Dates as follows:

Sat Aug. 15   Holland, Landgraaf, Pinkpop

Sun Aug. 16   Belgium, Oudenaarde, Feest in the Park

Mon Aug. 17   Holland, Amsterdam, Paradiso

Wed Aug. 19   Germany, Darmstadt, Centralstation

Fri Aug. 21   Austria, Salzburg, Frequency Festival

Sat Aug. 22   Germany, Rottweil, Kraftwerk, Ferienzauber festival

Sun Aug. 23   Germany, Kaiserslautern, Kammgar

Tue Aug. 25   Germany, Bochum, Zeltfestival Ruhr


24 Feb 2009 In the Studio

I've been in at Sarm Studios recording tracks with Ash Howes for Laura Critchley (Big Print Records) . The tracks are sounding really cool.  Here are some kit pics:

Kit set up for Laura  Critchley in the Studio


11 Feb 2009 Back from Bermuda

I've just returned from doing some shows in Bermuda with Heather Nova.  What a fantastic Island, and needless to say it was great to be in the sun!  Bit of a shock to come back to snow however !

I have also been at British Grove with Pete Gordino and Chris Porter, and at Realworld with Pete Schwier and Nick Patrick working on forthcoming albums.

(Left) The Sea, Mmmmmm.....  (Right) Tough job by the pool !

Bermuda seascape  The Pool

On stage  

Berit (guitar) and you know who on the stage


17 Jan 2009 New Year News

Hi to everyone and a very happy 2009!  I am very proud to announce that the Raphael album Raphael 50 Anos Despues has been No1 in Spain, Mexico, Columbia and Argentina for the last 8 weeks. A great way to open the new year.

Things are just getting rolling again and this week I'm off to Realworld Studios to lay down some tracks with my good friend Pete Schwier.

Finally, here are a couple of pics from the Jimmy Page sessions last year:

Jimmy Page!  What a Whole Lotta Love!

(Left) Jimmy and Geoff   (Right) Geoff, Jimmy and Philip Sheperd


18 Dec 2008 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Well another year has passed so quickly, and I've had so many great moments playing with great artists and musicians. What a great job I have!  Thank you everyone for sending your messages and comments throughout the year... they are all very much appreciated. 

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year for 2009.

Geoff x

Happy Christmas Everyone!


08 Dec 2008 Emily Maguire Sessions

I've been recording the forthcoming Emily Maguire album at Kore Studios.  Here are some pictures of the sessions:

Emily & The crew!  Geoff & friends

(Left) Christian (Bass), Emily & Geoff (Right) Christian, Emily, Geoff & Phillip Tennent (de Manager)

My kit  Timbales

(Left) The kit! (Right) Timbales!

The Kit!

Another one of the kit


06 Dec 2008 Heather at Christmas

Check out the new video for Heather Nova's latest single Always Christmas at:

We had a LOT of fun making the clip. Christmas is almost here!!


01 Dec 2008 Number One Number 41

The Luis Fonsi album that I recorded is currently No 1 on the US Latin album charts, and has been No 1 on the Spanish and Mexican charts for 8 weeks.  What a great way to come to the end of the year with 41 No 1 albums!



23 Nov 2008 Heather Nova at fabchannel

The Amsterdam Paradiso concert is available to watch over at fabchannel:


17 Nov 2008 New Interview

Head over to the Multimedia > Articles & Interviews section of this site where you will find an interview with Batterie Magazine (The French Version of Modern Drummer) from 2007.  Sorry I can't translate it, but for anyone who speaks French ENJOY ! There will also be a new interview in the December edition of Batterie.

I've have been recording at Metropolis A with Karen-Louise and producer Julian Emerey

26 Oct 2008 On the Road & In the Studio

I am pleased to say that the Leon Jackson album that I played on has entered the charts at No 4, and the single "Dont Call This Love" coming in at No 3 on the UK charts.  Congrats to all.  

I have been in the studio with Jack Savoretti, recording some movie soundtracks. 

Check out the single and video for Helen Boulding I did at

I'm just off the road with the fabulous Heather Nova.  I had a fantastic time playing some great music with great musicians.  I got to play drums, percussion, Hammer Dulcimer and Cajon.  We took in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France and the UK. I'll be out live again with Heather in January so see you then! In the meantime it's back to the studio...



09 Oct 2008 Recent Work

I am happy to announce that the Will Young album I worked on has entered the album charts at No 2. Congrats to Will and everyone involved.  I have been back in the studio recording for Sergio Dahlma with the latest addition to my armoury: A 1980 Gretsch Maple Gum shell 24" Kick, 13" Rack and 18" floor.  Just what I needed, another drum set ...

The Gretsch Kit!


06 Sept 2008 Another Interview

Head over to  for a great interview, and a review of the recent 'Drummer Live' Rhythm Masterclass course.


29 Aug 2008 The Olympics & New Interview

Well, I just played to about the biggest audience I will ever play to! An estimated 2 billion people watched the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and heard me playing Whole Lotta Love on the handover with Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis.  Quite a gas really!

This month's Drummer Magazine has an interview and a feature about the Mike Dolbear Room at the Drummer Live 2008 show.  Click here to see them in Multimedia > Reviews & Interviews.

I have also been recording in Madrid, and in London, with Helen Boulding & Enfantsonic.

Helen Boulding sessions

Steve Lewinson (Bass), GD, Helen Boulding, Phil Bodger (Engineer) at Britannia Row Studios


27 Aug 2008 On tour with Heather Nova

I am on tour throughout October with Heather Nova.  Tour dates as follows:

Oct 13 - Shepherd’s Bush Empire - London, United Kingdom 
Oct 14 - Ancienne BelgiqueBruxelles, Belgium 
Oct 15 - Grosse FreiheitHamburg, Germany 
Oct 16 - ColumbiahalleBerlin, Germany 
Oct 18 - Den Atelier - Luxembourg, Luxembourg 
Oct 19 - GasometerVienna, Austria 
Oct 20 - Volkshaus -  Zurich, Switzerland 
Oct 21 - MuffathalleMunich, Germany 
Oct 22 - TheaterhausStuttgart, Germany 
Oct 24 - E-WerkKoln, Germany 
Oct 25 - OosterportGroningen, Netherlands 
Oct 26 - ParadisoAmsterdam, Netherlands 
Oct 27 - EffenaarEindhoven, Netherlands,
Oct 28 - Elysee-Montmartre - Paris, France  


16 July 2008 Studio, Beijing, Glastonbury & Masterclasses

I have been recording with Leona Lewis and also Jimmy Page.  Recording continues with Leon Jackson for Sony BMG with producer Steve Robson and also Peter Gordino & Chris Porter.  I have also been in the studio with The Yea You's for Island with producer Steve Robson.

I've been recording the music for the Olympic's handover in Beijing with producer Philip Sheperd

Live, I have been performing with Emily MaGuire at Glastonbury, Paul Carrick + Lulu and at the London International Music Show REMO night (see the pics below).  I also did two masterclasses in the room on the Roland TD20 kit.

REMO night    London International Music Show


29 May 2008 Busy Month Recording

I have been busy in the studio recording the new Will Young album at Olympic with Ash Howes for Sony BMG. Also at Metropolis studio, recording the new Natalie Imbruglia album, again with Ash for Upper 11 Records. Other work includes the forthcoming album from Laura Critchley at Olympic for Big Print, and recording the new Chris De Burgh album with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at British Grove with Chris Porter.  Also, more tracks for Noah Johnson at Sphere with Chris KimseyFinally, I have also been recording tracks for Leon Jackson at British Grove with Pete Gordino and Chris Porter.


17 April 2008 Latest News

The album I recorded for Sergio Dalma reached No 1 in Spain & the album for Gregory Lemarchal was also No 1 in France.  I have been out on the road doing a small European club tour with David Knopfler, here are some pics for you:

Geoff on Knopfler Tour  David Knopfler Tour

I've been doing some loops for new act Alex Roots with Ryan Laubscher at Sphere Studios.  I have been working on an album for Serge Vornon, also at Sphere with producer Chris Kimsey.  The band included Jerry Meehan (bass / Robbie Williams) Hal Lindes (Guitar / Dire Straits) Adam (Guitar / Grace Jones ) Richard Causon (Hammond / Black Crows) & Paddy Milner (Piano).  A great band to play and hang with!  Here are some pics from the sessions:

Serge at SphereMore Sphere pics

Serge picsKit in the studio

Finally, you can catch me doing a few clinics this summer. At Drummer Live, I will be performing at the Mike room on both days, and at the RMO groove night. Also, I will be doing a masterclass at the Rhythm course in Bath in August.


09 January 2008 Echoes...

I have been recording tracks at Metropolis for Joe Echo with producer Chris Potter (The Verve). The tracks are sounding killer. Here are some pictures from the sessions:

Echo Sessions

Geoff & Joe Echo


03 January 2008 Killing Joke

The Killing Joke albums Pandemonium & Democracy are to be re-released on 4 February as limited edition coloured (blue & white) 180g vinyl.  This from the website:

"Killing Joke, who were recently described as "the most devastating live experience on earth" (Classic Rock), will be reissuing two albums on 4th February 2008 - "Pandemonium" (1994) and "Democracy" (1996). Both albums have been re-mastered and contain bonus tracks. Pandemonium, one of the band's biggest selling albums to date, was recorded and mixed during the spring, summer and autumn of 1994 in York Studios, New Zealand (which Coleman co-owns) and Youth's Butterfly studios in Brixton, and saw Killing Joke returning after a 4 year hiatus with a new/old line-up. The album featured drumming by Geoff Dugmore (not a full-time band member) and vocal tracks recorded in the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Fusing sheer intensity, alongside fierce power and inventiveness, Killing Joke enjoyed their greatest success as the song Millennium received major airplay on US radio stations. Following the release of Pandemonium, Coleman retreated to Sedona, Arizona where the first seeds for Democracy were sown. The album features the immense Democracy, Prozac People a poetic statement of denial inspired by the 18 months Coleman spent on the drug while being treated for depression and Aeon, an eight minute, hypnotic adrenalin borne gale of chorded guitars."


01 January 2008 New Year

Happy New Year to One and All!  I hope we all have the chance to experience some magical musical moments in 2008. 

Geoff x


18 December 2007 Seasons Greetings

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2008!

Geoff x

Geoff & Mr Claus


20 November 2007 Yet another Number One

I'm pleased to announce another No 1 album, Johnny Hallyday's blues album titled Le Coeur D'un Homme


19 November 2007 Paris

I have been over in Paris, recording a special Taratata TV show with Johnny Hallyday, to launch his new album. Here are some pics from the sessions:

Bass  MD

(Left) The great Laurent Verneray (Bass) (Right) Geoff and our leader, Yvan Cassar (MD)

DW  Percussion

(Left) The DW set in rehearsal (Right) Denis Benarosh, my percussive partner in crime !

Guitar  Taratata

(Left) Geoff and the all round top geezer, Brian Ray (guitar) (Right) On the set of Taratata

Shake it  Fun!

(Left) Shakin' that maraca! (Right) As music should be... having fun!


11 November 2007 Madrid

Here are some pictures, from PKO Studios in Madrid where I have been working on two forthcoming albums for Sergio Dalma and Luis Fonsi.

Madrid One

Geoff + the great Spanish percussionist Jose Carlos Rico

Madrid Two

Oscar Vinader (Eng) My great friend, the wonderful John Giblin (Bass) Carlos (Arranger) and GD

Madrid Three

John, Geoff, The amazing Spanish guitar player Juan Cerro + Oscar

Madrid Four

Carlos, Geoff, John, Juan and Jose Luis (producer and all round top geezer!)


06 November 2007 British Grove & Realworld

I have been at British Grove again, recording tracks with Noah Johnson.  It was great to be reunited with Youth and Geordie from Killing Joke and also Hal Landis and the mighty Paddy Milner (check out his site and his new single )

Here are some pics from my recent work at Real World Studio, with producer Cameron Jenkins and new artist PAUL:

Gretsch Kit 1Gretsch Kit 2

Ahh... That great sound of Gretsch.  More kit pics here and here

GD & Minx  The Artist

(Left) Handsome Beast & Saucy Minx  (Right) The Artist

Hey Marco!

"Hey Marco! I know, you can't believe we just cut 12 songs in 2 days!"


18 October 2007 New TV Show

I have been recording at Mark Angelo's Studios for a new TV show with producer Jez Poole.

Mark Angelo Studio

Having a sing song around the piano... 

Richard (engineer) Craig (Composer) Jez (Producer) & Geoff 


13 October 2007 Studio Tour!

I've been working at Stone Room Studios with new artist Curt and at Mark Angelo's Studios recording a new musical soundtrack with Chris Porter.  Also busy at British Grove Studios with Paul Begaud and Vanessa Corrish on their forthcoming album., with Chris Kimsey at the controls on the Wonderful EMI TG desk.  Some pics from the sessions:

Vanessa, Chris, Geoff, Paul  Vanessa, Geoff & the EMI TG Desk

(Left) Vanessa, Chris, Geoff & Paul (Right)

Vanessa & Geoff at the EMI TG Desk

DW VLT Set  Vintage Gretsch Set

(Left) DW VLT Set (Right) Vintage Gretsch Set


Vintage '62 Ludwig Set


12 August 2007 Video Page

There is a now a Video page within the Multimedia section of the website, where you can see some video appearances from over the years.  More will be added soon.


11 August 2007 Another Number One & News

I am proud to announce that I have just had my 33rd No 1 Album, with Johnny Hallyday Live at La Cigale.  The DVD of the show is also No 1.

I'm currently at Olympic Studios recording with Sandy Thom for Sony UK.  Also look out for two new sample CDs that I am recording for Zero G.  They will be Brutal Beats 2, and The Songwriters Drum CD

Listen out for the forthcoming Jack Savoretti single called 'Dr Frankenstein'


04 July 2007 Session photos

Click here to see some photos from the recent Johnny Hallyday sessions in LA.


29 June 2007 Back to the studio

I have been busy in the studio:  Recording an ongoing album at Olympic Studios for Karen Louise with Ash Howes producing.  At Britannia Row recording with Lulu.  Writing TV music and doing jingles with my good friend Guy Farley at Metropolis.  At Townhouse, recording a new single with Jack Savarotti with producer Rick BarracloughRecording again with Japanese legend E Yazawa at Sonica Music Studios, with G Mac producing.  Also working with Noah Johnson at Terry Brittens Studio with Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey

Photo Gallery

I have been at Ocean Studios, Burbank, Los Angeles working on the forthcoming album for Johnny HallydayJay Newland (Norah Jones) and Eddie Delena (Michael Jackson) have been engineering, and I have written three songs for the album  I also had a chance to record again with my old friend Bob Clearmountain at his new studio.

Finally, check out some great  Johnny Hallyday Tour Pictures in the Photo Gallery.


13 January 2007 The year ahead

Happy new year to everyone! It was a mad 2006.  I am happy to say I managed to have another two No 1 albums. Thank you to everyone for your continued support and kind words as ever.  It means a lot to me. I hope 2007 will bring great joy and happiness to everyone out there, and that we all have the chance to experience some great musical moments together.

I have been in the studio with Paul Begaud and Vanessa Corrish from Australia with Chris Kimsey (Rolling Stones), doing their forthcoming album.  I am now doing shows with Johnny Hallyday in Europe.   I will be back in the studio in March (when the dates finish) for an album with new signing Nick Walker, with Mike Rowe (from Sheryl Crow's band) and Simon Tong  (Damon Albarn's band)

Also, check out my new myspace music page at


01 October 2006 In the studio & on the road

I have doing shows with Johnny Halliday.  The live album of the tour, recorded earlier this year is now No 1 in France, as is the single.  This makes 31 number one records!

I have been in the studio with Marisa McBeth, recording her forthcoming album at Metropolis Studios with producer Rick Barraclough.  I have also been recording with Laura , a new signing with Rich Cardwell. 


23 June 2006 Live dates

I have recently been doing some live shows with Ronan Keating.

29 May 2006 Recent Work

I have been in Metropolis and Abbey Road studios, recording the new Chris De Burgh album with producer Chris Porter.

18 April 2006 Site redesigned

Welcome to the new website!  The popular features from the old site have been retained, plus there are many more new and exciting features, including lots more photos, Articles (now to be found in a Multimedia section along with Audio links!) plus an expanded CV that includes recollections and stories from Geoff about his many sessions.

Tim Glasswell (site administrator)


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