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27 March 2006 29th Number One !
I've been recording the forthcoming Fame Academy album. The Tina Dico record I recorded has been No 1 in Scandinavia, making it my 29th No 1!

Yazawa 2005 Tour Diary
17 Dec 2005 Sumo & Sake
11 Nov 2005 Winter Coats and Techs
15 Oct  2005 Dublin London Tokyo

09 January 2006 Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to one and all, and a big thanks to you all for your kindness and support over 2005. I am proud to announce that I have again been voted 'No1 Studio Drummer in Europe' for 2005 and 'No 4 Worldwide' behind Kenny Arnoff, Jim Keltner and Vinnie Colliuta. Thanks to all that voted for me.

18 December 2005 Happy Christmas!
May I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and very very Happy New Year for 2006. Thanks to everyone for for all your kindness and support over 2005.

Much love to one and all. Geoff x

05 December 2005 French Double
The Johnny Halliday record is at No 1 in the French & Belgian album charts whilst the single is No 1 in the same single charts! The second single is out now.

10 November 2005 News Round-Up
The Live 8 DVD is now available with the performance of 'One Giant Leap'. The Johnny Halliday record I am on is now out and at No 2 on the French charts.  Lee Ryan's second single 'Turn Your Car Around' (the follow up to 'Army Of Lovers') has been a top 10 hit in the UK, Italy and Germany. Finally, see this month's Rythmn magazine (November edition) for a tribute to Mitch Mitchell.

11 October 2005 News Update
Last night in France I have been in the south of France for three weeks, doing pre-production for the new Axel Baur album. Picture (left) is the last night in France.
Last night in Ireland We then went to record at Grouselodge Studios in Ireland with producer Dan Presley (Faith No More, The Breeders) for 3 weeks. (Back row) Frank (gtr) Doug Cook (Engineer), GD, Axel Baur, (Front) Gabby (Bass), Dan Presley (producer)
The new Lee Ryan single "Turn Your Car Around" is out this week. And... I'm proud to announce I will be in Japan touring with E Yazawa this autumn, and hope to meet up with my many Japanese friends.

22 August 2005 Recurring Dreams available
The re-released Europeans album Recurring Dreams  is now available online via Racket Records.  Click here to go there now, or see the Europeans pages for further info.

08 August 2005 Live 8 Pictures
Here are a handful of pics from the Murrayfields Live 8 show. Please Visit www.makepovertyhistory.org
One giant leap Eno Live 8
Live 8 Will Young Live8

19 July 2005 New Endorsement
I am happy to announce that I am now endorsing MEINL PERCUSSION instruments. See www.meinlpercussion.com

18 July 2005 Recent Work
I have been recording with new band Kai at 20 Kh Studios with producer Rick Barraclough.  I have also been recording with Jack Savarotti at Olympic Studios, again with Rick Barraclough. Apple MacIntosh have used all my drum samples on their latest Garage Band programme, so you get that great sound !!!!!
Savarotti Sessions Jack Savarotti Sessions: (LtoR): George Shilling (engineer) Laurent Vernery (bass) GD, Jack Savarotti & Rick Barraclough (Producer)

23 June 2005 Summer Work
I have been in France finishing the new Johnny Halliday album, and continuing recording the forthcoming Lee Ryan album. I am also proud also to announce that I will performing at Live 8 with One Giant Leap.
Halliday Sessions Johnny Halliday Sessions (LtoR):  Pierre Jaconelli (Producer) GD, Pete Schwier (engineer) Nicolas Fitzman (Bass)

15 May 2005 Lee Ryan album
Lee Ryan Sessions I've have just started recording a new album for Lee Ryan (Blue) at AM Studios in West London with producers Ash Howes and Martin Harrington.  The songs are F*****g amazing.  LOOK OUT !

02 May  2005 Mixdown 
There is a feature this month in Australian Mixdown magazine. Download a pdf file of the article by clicking here.

29 April 2005 More Johnny Halliday
I have been recording tracks for the new Johnny Halliday album at Townhouse Studio 4 in West London, with producer Pierre Jaconelli engineer Pete Schwier and the FANTASTIC Nicolas Fiszman on Bass.

15 April 2005 Recent Work
I have been recording for Canadian artist Carrie Jelly with producer David Moyes and engineer Noel Harris.  The album I recorded in Paris for Steve Estatof titled "A L'ENVERS"  reached No 5 in the French charts.

12 April 2005 Another Number One !
I'm proud to announce that the Natalie Imbruglia album I played on has gone to Number 1. That's 22 No 1 albums and still loving every musical moment.

31 March 2005 Studio Work
I have been recording tracks for the Appleton sisters' new album at Sphere studio 1, with producer Guy Farley. Also, check out some fab loops I've done for this months Computer Music magazine... In stores now!

09 March 2005 Recurring Dreams
I am pleased to announce that Europeans' album Recurring Dreams will be re-released in the next 2 weeks. Europeans was the first band I was in, signed to A&M.

08 March 2005 Recent Work
I've been working with Tina Dico and producer Chris Potter, recording at Metropolis Studio B. Tina was guest vocalist on Zero 7's last record, and is now doing her first solo album.

21 February 2005 London Drum Company Show
London Drum Show L-R Kevin Higuchi, Mylious Johnson (Pink), GD & Ralph Salmon (Session great) after the drum show put on by the London Drum Company in Croydon on 13th January. (Click here for larger version)

14 January 2005 Young Drummer Panellist
I will be on the judging panel for the Young Drummer of the Year show in Leamington Spa on the 30th January.

12 January 2005 More Number Ones!
I am proud to announce that I have just scored my 21st number one album with Robbie Williams Greatest Hits.  I am also proud to announce that I have again been voted No1 European Studio drummer for the third straight year.

01 January 2005 Happy New Year
Happy New Year to everyone out there, and a big thank you to everyone for all your continued support and kind words over 2004!

Yazawa 2004 Tour Diary (Leg Two)
14 January 2005 Full Tour Report
20 October 2004 The Rock Tour

08 October 2004 Autumn Update
I have recorded a new album for French artist Julia Zinatti at ICP Studios in Brussells, with producers Steve Forward and Axel Baur.  Also, I have recorded the French 'Star Academy' album at Metropolis Studios, with producer Rick Barraclough. And... I have just been informed that a record I recorded for an artist called Luan Parle some time ago (also produced by Rick) went to Number 1 in Ireland for several weeks... that takes the total number 1's up to 20.

I am currently in Tokyo rehearsing for the forthcoming E.Yazawa rock tour here in Japan.

Yazawa 2004 Tour Diary
24 July 2004 Here We Go Again + pics
26 July 2004 World Rock Festival Shows + pics
29 July 2004 Tokyo Typhoon + pic
05 Aug 2004 Hot Days & Hot Nights + pics
12 Aug 2004 End of Basic Rehearsal + pics
04 Sept 2004 Last Night of the Acoustic Tour

29 July 2004 New Sabian feature
The Sabian website has a small interview / profile as part of their 'Road Warriors' feature.  (Click here to go there now)

16 July 2004 Interview & Upcoming Festival Diary
There is a new interview over at Mike Dolbear's site with me and Mark Schulman, the drummer from Cher's band. (Click here to go there now.) There is also a review of the recent Swindon Drum Day on Mike's site.(click here).  Tour diaries will start again this week so keep a look out for all the news from Japan and the WORLD ROCK FESTIVAL
Natalie Imbruglia sessions Pic taken during the sessions for the new Natalie Imbruglia album at Olympic Studios in West London. (L-R) Martin Harrington & Ash Howes (producers) Keith Uddin (engineer) and GD (Click here for larger version.
French Pop Idol A picture from the sessions in Paris at Mega Studios for new BMG signing and winner of the French pop idol Steve. (L-R) Axel Baur (producer) GD and Steve. Click here for larger version.

26 June 2004 Current Activities
I am proud to announce that I will be headlining with E.Yazawa at the WORLD ROCK FESTIVAL in Yokohama and Osaka on July 24th and 25th. Other acts on the bill include Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz, Black Eyed Peas, Paul Weller and many more.

I am currently recording a new album for Natalie Imbruglia at Olympic and Jacobs Studios with Producer Ash Howes.

I have been writing for a new act with Universal Records, and also just finished writing several tracks for a new TV album.
Olympic pic (L-R) Andy Scarth (engineer) Akira Inouie (producer) Geoff D and Alan Darby during the sessions for a new movie at Olympic Studios 2 in west London. Click here for larger version.
A Day of Drums (L-R) Alex Thomas (Badly Drawn Boy) Ian Hendry (Young Drummer of the Year 2004) and Geoff D at A Day of Drums at which I was headlining.. Click here for larger version.

14 May 2004 New Articles
Three new articles have gone up on the site: a review of the Best of British show from Rhythm magazine (click here), a 'Classic Track' feature about Rod Stewart's 'Downtown Train', also from Rhythm magazine (click here) and also a small item from the latest Sabian Newsbeat magazine (click here)

13 May 2004 Drum Clinic
I will be doing a one off drum seminar/clinic on June 13th in Swindon. (Details of venue to follow.)  This is the only event I will be doing this year, so I hope that some of you will be able to make it.  I am planning the event in three phases dealing with studio playing, techniques and tips / a question and answer section and (3) then a live/concert playing section. I will be joined with my friends Matt and Archie who played with me at the Best Of British show.

24 April 2004 Australia
Just back from Australia where I performed using the Roland V-drum system to a packed audience at the Conservatorium Of Music in Sydney. It was a great privilege to share the stage with Alex, Karl, Jonny, RABB and Steve Fisher from Roland US.
Ian Mussington I also bumped into my old friend Ian Mussington (Soul Asylum). Click here for larger version.
Sydney Alex Carapetis (Jimmy Barnes) Karl Lewis (Savage Garden) and myself between performances. Click here for larger version.
Roland Drum Show At the show. Click here for larger version.
Harbour bridge No trip to Oz would be complete without a visit to the Harbour. Click here for larger version.

21 April 2004 'One for the Road' Ronnie Lane show
Here are some pictures from the Ronnie Lane tribute concert at The Royal Albert Hall. Amongst those I had the pleasure to perform with were Pete Townshend, Paul Weller and Ronnie Wood.
Slim Chance Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance band before the show. Click here for larger version.
Henry My great friend, guitar maestro Henry McCulloch. Click here for larger version.

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