Yazawa 2004 Tour Diary (3)

29 July 2004 Tokyo Typhoon

Well, it's Thursday and we have a Typhoon heading into Tokyo!  I'm in my room, on the 31st floor, watching the rain pelt down.  It's kind of surreal, watching it fall to the ground. I'm learning songs for our acoustic tour, and I'm really excited about getting onto a stage with a big band and orchestra.  Richard arrives tomorrow, so looking forward to seeing him. I met up with my good friend Aki Watannabi last night, and he took me a great British pub for a few drinks.  We had great time. I had planned to maybe do a little cultural thang today, but the rain has dampened that idea!

Oh well, onwards to rehearsal!

More soon.


PS  Many thanks to the many people who sent mail to me regarding Natalie's new record. Oh, and watch out for the Spiderman movie... you can here me on the main soundtrack!  What a gas, and what a great job I have. I still get really excited about making music.
View from the 31st floor, Tokyo.
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