Yazawa 2004 Tour Diary (6)

04 September 2004  Last Night of the Acoustic Tour


Hi all, It's been very quiet I know, but I had computer meltdown while trying to install some new software on my laptop.  I thought I'd lost everything, but glad to say (thanks to the good people at Mac over here) all is well again. Tonight is our last night and it's been a great tour to say the least. It's our third night in Tokyo at the Forum.  I've met some great new friends who play for the Orchestra from Prague. They are really good people and have been fun to share the stage with. We've had some great laughs and great experiences. 

Up in Sapporro I came across a famous festival called the BON DANCE festival where people dance for their ancestors... looked like line dancing for the Japanese to me though!  I thought about joining in but I got the vibe that westerners were not really included in this traditional event. Had some great chicken wings in Nagoya with Rich... he loved them too.  Marcus has kept us amused with his northern English drawl. We tried to teach the Japanese in the band how to call him an Awful Northern Bastard to the greater amusement of the Brits. They didn't really understand...  just as well really. Hung out at my favorite bar in Oskaka called the Kangaroo Bar with my friend who owns the place... a great guy, almost as hospitable as the JOCKS !!!! Managed to get out intact each night, so all was well. Back home tomorrow, and back to the studio! No rest for the wicked. Can't wait.  I got the best job in the world. Then back to Tokyo for the ROCK tour with Yazawa. That will be great... it's 2 and a half hours of non stop groove. FANTASTIC! What a great way to spend the night playing your drums.

See ya for the next part of the tour and all it's events.


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