Yazawa 2004 Tour Diary (5)

12 August 2004  End of Basic Rehearsal


Well we have moved from our basic rehearsal studio to small theatre in Tokyo for more rehearsals. We hung our in our favourite Scottish bar in Shijuku the other night, sampling Guinness... a fine drink, which reminded of The Waterboys.  We all went out to a great club in Ropponngi the other night.  We had a right laugh... lots of great music played by the DJ... we ended up dancin' away for hours.  We had a few too many drinks courtesy of the owner, who I have met on several occasions.  Our 'day off' next day was a bit of a write off really, but a great night none the less!  Been getting into going to the gym every morning, building up the stamina in readiness for the tour shows.  Met up with my good friend who owns Lexington Queens, another great club in town so he suggested we come over on Saturday night as there is a big party happnin'.  No doubt we might just end up there.  Met a funny guy in the gym the other night who works in Futures and gold on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. I tried to get some inside information from him but no luck!  Still I'll try again if I meet him!!!!!!!! (Could end up in jail for that!)  

My wonderful tech Tsuchie has known for a long time that I have wanted a front drum head with the old fashioned logo on it, so to my great surprise when I walked into rehearsal the other day he had one made up for me!  FANTASTIC.  Thanks Tschuie, you are a star. OK, so early start tomorrow... off for some rest and a listen to today's rehearsal.

I hear that weather is great back home at last summer has arrived.


The new Drum Head
Geoff's new drum head
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The Man responsible
Tschuie the man responsible
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Last day of basic rehearsal
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Kit for the tour
Kit set up for this tour
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