Yazawa 2005 Tour Diary (2)

11 November 2005 Winter Coats and Techs


Rehearsals have finished and we have now headed up to Niagata to start the shows. The first two shows have been amazing!. Playing at small clubs this year is great!  The audience is so close, and you really get the feeling of what's coming back from them. As always, Yazawa's fans are incredible. They are so totally up for having a great time, and enjoying every minute of the show. 

The band is really fired up and playing great. Yazawa is singing great and has so much energy! Today we head further north for two shows in Sapporo. Time to get the winter coats out, as it's gonna be cold up there. The crew guys are great also. I think they should win a grammy for being the best. My tech and good friend Tsuchie is on the case as ever, and much to my amazement I arrive, and can't find anything on the set to tweak or move! He has it down so well now. If you ever need a tech... he's your man, believe me! He even takes care of bearing edges on my drums etc... a real star.

After the first show, the band headed out for a well deserved celebratory shandy!  A good time was had, needless to say.

OK, time to pack the bags and get on board the plane up to Sapporo.  More from there...


The new kit!
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Let's hear it for the boys in the band!
(L-R) Chun, Toshi, GD, Hishiro
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GD and Tschuie
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