Yazawa 2004 Tour Diary (7)

20 October 2004 The Rock Tour

Hi to everyone again and it's time for the TOUR DIARIES once more. Well, after a hectic 3 weeks at home (in which I spent most of the time in the Studio between Brussels and London) it was time to jump aboard the plane back to Tokyo, for rehearsals for this year's YAZAWA ROCK TOUR. We have a great band again this year, and the rehearsals have gone really well. We arrived in Hammamatsu, and today (the 18th) we have our first show.  I can't wait to get on the stage and rock out for 2 and a half hours!  Woke up early this morning with that feeling of anticipation and excitement, so got some breakfast and set about listening to the rehearsals one last time, to make sure I have everything firmly in my head. Feeling a little nervous, but after 1 or 2 songs that will go, and the fun starts!
Went for a run outside, as the weather is still hot!  Summer is hangin' on out here, although watching CNN they say another Typhoon is on it's way... There seems to be more of them this year than I ever remember... GLOBAL WARMING it has to be!  We had a couple of big quakes at the end of August / early September... a bit alarming !!!!!!! 
Before tonight's show I got a message from my friend Akira Inouie, to say he was in the venue next door to us playing with a jazz trio, so we met up for a few moments before show time.  I have known him for many years... a great producer and musician out here.  We did the Spiderman soundtrack together (he was producing).  It was great to see him.
Show No 1 just finished.  It was great to get in front of an audience at last. Yazawa's fans are great... always pushing us all on. Yazawa was burning it up at the front having a great time. After the show we all had some dinner, and feeling pretty exhausted I got back to the hotel and crashed out. Today we move on to Shizuoka, about 2/3 hours from Hammamatsu heading back towards Tokyo. On the road now and loving it.

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