Yazawa 2005 Tour Diary (3)

17 December 2005 Sumo & Sake


Sorry not to have been writing so many updates to this year's tour diaries. We are now in Tokyo. We have two shows left to go here, then we head down to Okinawa for one last concert. 34 shows done and 3 to go. It seems crazy, but when you start it seems a long way to the finish line, but it always gets to the end and you wonder 'where did the time go?'

When we were down in Fukuoka, I went to the Sumo wrestling tournament. Fantastic fun! Everyone sits around watching, and drinking Sake all day! Sounds great, and it was. We returned to Niagata for an extra show (we started there) and the crowd was unbelievable. They were so crazy we could hardly hear ourselves. They were so loud. Amazing, and a big thank you to them for making us feel so great on the stage. 

As always, the shows are full on Rock 'n' Roll, and Yazawa has been storming every night. The band has really developed and a great sense of camaraderie has come between us all. We've all been stretching ourselves musically and having a great time. I spent 5 days in Nagoya and went to the baseball batting practice centre with everyone.  Lots of fun cursing, and a few home run hits, YES!! I spent most nights at my favorite YAMACHAN chicken wings restaurant. They taste so great.. kinda like chicken Piri Piri. I love it. Spent an afternoon at the Osaka motor show, checkin' out the latest cars. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmm... too many great cars!  Shingo, our production manager kindly took me to a great Sushi restaurant near to the Tokyo fish market, which was a real experience. So good!

We did a special show for the fan club members at the AX club in Tokyo, which was electrifying to say the least. Yazawa did a Q & A session, then we played 10 songs which finished up with him playing bass on a song called 'Funky Monkey Baby' which was the first hit he ever had with his first band Carol. He hasn't played it for a long time, and of course everyone went wild!  It felt really good playing with him on bass.  Good onya mate!

OK so that's about it for now. I will try to update from Okinawa.  I've never been there
so .....


The Sumo!
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