Yazawa 2005 Tour Diary (1)

15 October 2005 Dublin, London, Tokyo

Welcome to the tour diaries of YAZAWA 2005. I left a cold and grey Dublin, bound for London then on to Tokyo. Long flying time, and arrived with a stinking cold!  Ears blocked and all!  Still, as always, it was great to be met at Narita by old friend John Lewis, our ever enduring tour manager. How he does it beats me! I checked in at our hotel and went straight to the rehearsal studio. It's in the complex built by Yazawa. What an amazing place!  It sure beats most of the places in London !!!! (Oops, I wont make many friends in London with that remark... Still, honesty is always best!)

I was so excited as I have a new drum set from DW. I hadn't had the opportunity to use it before I left for France and Ireland, so I couldn't wait to see it in all it's glory. It is so fantastic:

24" Kick. 12x8 rack. 16x14 floor and 18x16 floor in vertical timbre. 

The sound is awesome!  Anyone who's into drums has got to get a kit like this. So we are now a few days into rehearsal and all is well. Yazawa is singin' real well and band is starting to rock out. I haven't had a chance to get and about yet, as there's a lot of work today after rehearsal... getting the songs into my brain for the next day and going over what we've done on the day. Have a look at the new kit. More in a few days.



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