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August 2003 - March 2004
24 March 2004 Studio Microphone endorsement
I am proud to announce that I am now endorsing 'SE Studio Microphones.'  These mics are what I have been using lately on the BUSTED and Steve Winwood sessions.  Check out the SE5600... a totally fantastic kick drum mic full of low-end response!

Please visit their website at www.sonic-distribution.com

22 March 2004 Update
I am pleased to announce I will be going down to Australia to perform at the 'Roland E-drum' event on April 17th, at The Conservatorium Of Music in Sydney. Also, upcoming sessions for German artist Them Klien with producer Ken Rose at Mark Angelo's Studio in West London. The Ronnie Lane memorial gig at Royal Albert Hall promises to be a great night with lots of star names performing.

04 March 2004 Site Guestbook
There is now a guestbook for the site.  Please feel free to leave me a message.  Click here to go there now.

18 February 2004 The Brits
Congratulations to Dido and Busted on their Brit awards... two artists I have had the privilege to perform with on their albums.

17 February 2004 Drum Festival Reviews
There are reviews of the Best of British Drum Festival at:
www.drumnetwork.co.uk and http://www.mikedolbear.co.uk.
There will also be reviews in Rhythm, Drummer and Modern Drummer magazines soon.
Keith Moon's sister and son Picture of me with Keith Moon's sister and son at the 'Best Of British Show'.
Best of British pic 2 Another 'Best of British' picture.  Steve Barney, Geoff D and Mark Mondisair.

04 February 2004 Ronnie Lane Tribute
I am happy to announce that I will playing at a charity concert in aid of the late Ronnie Lane at the Albert Hall on the 8th of April. It will be an all star line up with many famous names performing. Hope to see you there !

29 January 2004 Thank You!
I would like to thank the many people that have e-mailed me in the past 6 months from around the world with their comments and kind words... keep 'em coming, as it's great to make new friends in the music world.  Best wishes to all... Geoff

28 January 2004 Winwood
I have just finished recording for Steve Winwood at Westside Studios with producer Charlie Francis.

24 January 2004 Competition Judge
I will be on the judging panel this Sunday 25th January at the Young Drummer Of The Year competition in Birmingham.

Full details from: http://www.mikedolbear.co.uk

21 January 2004 Busted Sessions

Busted Sessions

During a break at the recent BUSTED sessions at Sahara Studios in Fulham,
London: (L to R): Geoff, Sidh Solanki (producer), and Paul Borg (Engineer)

08 January 2004 Best of British Drum Festival
I will be appearing at the 2004 Best of British Drum Show at the Millfield Theatre, Edmonton, London staring at 2pm on Sunday 8th February. Other artists include Darrin Mooney, Mark Brzezicki, Drums of Black Bottle, Louie Palmer and The 2004 Young Drummer of the Year.

05 January 2004 Drummer Poll 2004
I am very proud to announce that I have again been voted No 1 Studio/Session player in Europe and No 4 in the world behind Vinnie Colaiuta, Kenny Arnoff and Steve Gadd.  Up coming studio dates in January include Steve Winwood and Busted.

Yazawa 2003 Japan Tour Diary
15 November 2003 Rehearsals & Earthquakes
16 November 2003 First Show
17 November 2003 Show Two
22 November 2003 Kanazawa Show
06 December 2003 Happy Encounters & on to the Arenas
07 December 2003 Rock Out to the MAX!
24 December 2003 Back to Tokyo
05 January 2004 And Finally...
Tour Pictures:
Michelle Branch gig in Tokyo At the Michelle Branch gig in Tokyo (LtoR): Alan Darby, Geoff Dugmore, Kenny Arnoff and Luis Conti.
Aki Me and Aki Watannabi in Tokyo.
Street Picture
Need I say more!
Anyone for an after dinner cigar ?

9 October 2003 Busted!
I have just finished recording tracks for the new BUSTED album with producer Sidh Solanki and engineer Paul Borg, at Livingston Studios.

18 September 2003 E Yazawa
It is with great regret that I will not be playing with The Waterboys on their forthcoming tour of the UK. I will instead be in Japan playing with E Yazawa, with Luis Conti on percussion amongst others.  I will also be playing at the Best Of British drum festival on Feb 8th 2004.  Venue and ticket details to follow.

01 September 2003 Interview
There is an exclusive interview with me over at Mike Dolbear's drumming website.  Click here to read it.

21 August 2003 The Waterboys
Waterboys session I have just finished recording the new single for The Waterboys, due for release in October.  Picture (L to R) Mike Scott, me and Brad Wiesman (Bass) at recording session.

19 August 2003 Jack Henderson
 I am currently producing the debut album for new artist Jack Henderson, mixing at Roundhouse Studios, London.

17 August 2003 Clinic Pictures
Crisps Me and Zoro discussing Walkers crisps at a recent clinic.
Competition Me and Mike Dolbear (organiser of recent Groove Day) presenting a competition prize of a signed cymbal of mine.  The question was "How many No 1 albums have I recorded?" The answer, of course is 18.

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