Geoff's Japan Tour Diary

22 November 2003 Kanazawa

Last night we had a show in Kanazawa. It was, as always a good one. The crowd were wild to say the least. We had an hour and a half bus ride back to the hotel afterwards and another birthday. Paul one of the back up singers was the birthday boy... It seems we have nothing but birthdays on this tour. Today we fly to Tokyo and then take a connection to Aomoria up north, heading towards Sapporro which we hit mid next week for two nights. I bought 'Trains Planes and Automobiles' on DVD yesterday so I might watch that later. I woke up at 6am, so I call my boys Louie and Fin. It's always great to hear their little voices on the other end of the line, all be it for a short time. I heard one of the BUSTED tracks I recorded on the radio the other day.  It sounded great, so I mailed Sidh straight away to let him know. I think he was pretty chuffed. Not much else to report at the moment... time to pack the bags again and get moving.


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