Geoff's Japan Tour Diary

7 December 2003 Rock Out to the MAX

We played our first show in Fukuoka last night... really great. We added a new song that we learnt in my room the day before. Just before we went back on for the first encore, Alan had a mental blank... he couldn't remember the riff, so after great panic it all came off great (phew!!!).

Went to a small bar called Goddies, a soul bar... the owner must have had at least 7000 soul albums of every artist you could imagine.  We sat and listened to music for a while, then got entertained by a magician who came to sit with us all.  He was amazing... showed us a couple of tricks.  I'll have to try them out when I get back. Did my laundry last night as well... the things you do on a Saturday night in Fukuoka !!!

Been listening to a lot of Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois today.  Got me into a strange headspace... kind of subdued and melancholy.  (Never a good place to go on tour)... but sometimes it's nice to chill, as long as it's the right way. 

Missing home today, but not long to go until the show tonight, which will lift the spirits.  I'm off to put some Aerosmith on, and get myself geared up for tonight. Twisted my neck in the night... I guess I slept in a strange way.  Never mind, upwards and onwards (WHOW) Tom Petty just came on my tunes that's got me going... a great song called 'Jammin Me.'  Anyone know it ? It's the first track he plays on his 'Live at the Fillmore' DVD.  You've got to get it, just to watch Steve Ferrone!



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