Geoff's Japan Tour Diary

6 December 2003 Happy Encounters and on to the Arenas

Well, so far we have taken in nine cities and we have four left to go. Today we flew into Fukuoka in the south of Japan. it's a vibe-y city, and one with a great Indian restaurant I always go to. Infact, I had lunch there today!  The flight was a bit of a white knuckle ride... really bumpy. I find that I begin to think about the law of averages... the more you fly, the more likely you are to have a mishap! Well, only a couple more to go!  A week or so ago, after the show in Niagatta, I ran into an elderly couple from Australia in the lobby of the hotel.  I asked what had brought them here and they told me they were on a round the world trip. They were really happy, friendly people. We arranged to meet for breakfast the next morning and we spent two hours talking about life, the world and all sorts of assorted topics.  John and Robertta had travelled from China, through Iran and on to Istanbul, (I guess the old silk road). They had also been to Europe and the US and were now making there way back home.  They were wonderful folk, so full of life and I found them very inspiring.  They were so intrigued by what I did, so I showed them some DVD footage of a show... they found it amazing, and were so blissfully unaware of what goes into making a great rock-n-roll show!  For two 60 year olds to undertake such an adventure, at their time of life, filled my heart with wonder... if the world would be a safe enough place for Karin (my wife) and I to be able to do that when we reach 60 (I sure hope so) !!!!!!!

The shows of course have been really great and the band gets tighter every show. Ed has been keeping us amused with an array of hysterical characters he has created. I was out with BOSS (Yazawa) last night and we went to eat squid. So, we think of fresh squid as Calamari (Mmmm), but this squid was still crawling on the plate when it arrived in front of me!!  Still, in for a penny in for a pound... it tasted great.

Hiroshima... what can you say about that town. Our hotel was right by the 'peace park' where the atomic bomb dropped, and although I have been many times to the museum, I still get drawn to go again just to remind myself. I sat for a while in the sunshine, had an ice cream and watched the world go by. Great. Got my sunglasses stolen in a store that pissed me off, I have to say. There's a great little bar called the Lotus Eater that I always go to so after the first show, so we went there.  Some fans came in and they bought us all drinks... very kind of them. Thanks!

We have only the really big arena shows left to do know so things are getting worked up for that.  There are some new songs and different arrangements, so everyone's back on their toes.

Well, that's it for now more later


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