Geoff's Japan Tour Diary

24 December 2003 Back to Tokyo

After 4 blinding shows... Yazawa was totally on fire on all 4, playing to a total of 50,0000 good people! Tomorrow we head back to Tokyo for our final 5 shows at the Budokan. Tonight I was forced to pay a visit to hospital as I had a raging temperature and a throat virus. I got some medication and the show went on. Funny how you always find some reserves in you when it comes time to play. After tonight's show I got a gift from a fan... this was so funny, but so sweet. It contained a tin of spam, a bottle of Guinness, a bar of Toblerone and a bag of Fruit and nut chocolate! Well, what can I say. Our hotel here in Nagoya has been so good that no-one seems to have wanted to leave the rooms. I think everyone's been a bit exhausted. I know I have been, but you have to conserve all the energy for showtime. Started to watch a movie called 'Brassed Off' on TV the other night... Naturally it made me think of home. It also reminded me of what a fantastic actor Pete Poslethwaite is.
I went to a great store called 'Tokyo Hands' and bought some great Christmas gifts for Louie and Fin. Got a call to do some exciting work in the New Year... more on that when all confirmed. Luis has given me a scarf, since my throat was bad.  Now I can't take it off... thinking about sleeping with it on tonight. Looking forward to going back to Tokyo tomorrow.  Seems like home when you get there. The Hilton is a great 'home from home' and the people know me real well there now.  Worked out I had spent 9 months of my life there over the last few years. Been getting lots of mail from friends so that has kept me in touch with everything that is happening back home. Had a mail from a drummer pal Laurie Jenkins asking about bass shakers... Suddenly in the middle of the show I thought about some advice I had given him on them and wondered if it had worked for him.

Anyway enough ranting... the Bullet train awaits me tomorrow lunchtime, so one last trip on it for this year.

More after Budokan shows.


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